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  • #wDc.cs Now RECRUITING!!!
  • CS:GO Server coming soon!
White Dragons Clan News
Counter-Strike:Global Offensive!!!!

Comments Comments (0) By England Wilko in Latest News on Thursday 30 August @ 20:58

I am very happy to announce that I decided to re-start wDc as the release of the new CS has come!!!!
I am sorting a server out as we speak and buying a few bnc's for the irc channel (#wDc.cs)

Trials - Once i have the war server and a teamspeak server set up, I will be posting a EnemyDown forum post about recruiting members. We will all mix in a match and see how we get on Smile

If you need to contact me, please post in the forums on here.. or add me to steam - wilk0*

Hope to hear from some of you soon Laughing

Match server and mumble now online!

Comments Comments (0) By England Wilko in Latest News on Friday 25 November @ 01:46

Counter-Strike Source Logo (for Light Backgrounds)

I am glad to announce that our RTL hosted match server and mumble server are now online! Laughing

Trials are to be help on Sunday November 27th from 7pm onwards.

If you are interested in trialing, contact me on steam @ dark-wraith or via twitter @wilk0_0

For now here are our server details Laughing

11 Slot Match Server 66tick 1000fps -

20 Slot Mumble server - (password - whitedragons)

Enjoy Laughing

We are recruiting!!!

Comments Comments (0) By England Wilko in Latest News on Monday 21 November @ 16:43

Recruitment has now opened!

I am currently on the look out for a deputy leader and 7 core members for the main lineup Laughing

Mid skilled and 17+ is all i expect from you as this team plays for fun! but loves to win obviously Laughing

ANYone can join our community team! All you have to do is either contact me through steam or on here! Its that simpleeeeee! lulz

Hope to hear from alot of you soon =]

Real return...

Comments Comments (1) By England Wilko in Latest News on Sunday 02 October @ 11:01

Good morning all! For the past 3 months wDc's activity dropped to a non existent state, since then I (Wilko) have been doing my research into the uk/europe gaming scene and there is so much potential for success.

With this in mind, and current offline commitments, I have decided to start FRESH with wDc Source team. This will mean we are now open for recruitment! Caller and AWP'er are needed urgently.

But thats not all... wDc was once... a very successful multiplatform multi game online community serving in over 5 games. This is to take place again. I am currently in talks with our sponsors over 2 x dedicated servers for all our clan needs.

If you have any questions about the team as a whole, or about recruitment.
Then you can contact me (Wilko) on here,ED,Steam(dark-wraith) or irc @ #wDc.css on Quakenet.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for massive updates this winter!!!

Martyn J
White Dragons Clan Founder/CEO

Infinitive Solutions Sponsor wDc!

Comments Comments (0) By England Wilko in Latest News on Wednesday 15 June @ 10:46

I would like to announce that the White Dragons Clan are now sponsored by the wonderful guys over @ Laughing

Here's a little info about them..

"]Infinitive Technology Solutions Ltd. is a premier personal and business hosting company. With over 30 years in combined webhosting/server and design experience, Infinitive Technology Solutions Ltd. strives to provide a service with a friendly, helpful staff.

Here at Infinitive Technology Solutions, we believe that we offer an excellent range of packages at a cost that won't strain the budget!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact a member of staff, we're always more than happy to help you suit your web hosting requirements.

Infinitive Technology Solutions has been running since early 2003. With a customer base increasing as fast as our services grow, we continually seek advice from our customers as to what services we can change to meet their needs. We are always looking at offering more services than we currently host and will work with clients to meet any requirements. We continue to offer the best support with multiple members of staff available via IRC (internet relay chat), Support Tickets or via e-mail, we guarantee a response within 24hrs of the email being received. With a technical support team with a background from working with Internet Service Providers, Datacentres, computer engineers and software developers we offer an uptime of 99% and will continue to try and bring you the best solutions for all of your hosting needs."

Pop over to their site to check their great offers and services Smile

Again, a big thank you

wDc Return!

Comments Comments (0) By England Wilko in Latest News on Tuesday 14 June @ 19:40

After a very very long break from gaming (5 years!!!) I (wilko) have finally bought a computer again and has decided to return to the CS scene!

Only this time, White Dragons Clan will no longer play 1.6 but a new venture lines up as we are to take on Counter-Strike Source!!

Many plans are underway and we are currently in the recruitment / setup stage..

Over the next week, our website will be fully published, war server purchased and then trials will commence! Laughing

Please feel free to add me to steam or visit us @ #wDc.css Smile

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